Though dumpsters may look alike, have similar – or almost exact – uses (despite the classification of the dumpster), the sizes that dumpsters come in are extremely versatile. DRF Dumpsters' nationally marketed dumpsters come in a variety of sizes made to fit the needs of each and every possible client. Depending on what you require for your dumpster rental – whether it be a roll off dumpster for residential purposes or a dumpster for demolition related purposes, DRF Dumpsters has the sizes to meet all requests.

For the most basic of projects, we recommend the 10 yard dumpster. Our 10 yard dumpsters can hold approximately 10 cubic yards of waste and are the most minuscule (in terms of size and price) of the four different sizes we offer with our roll off dumpster rental service in the Ft. Lauderdale area. These are relatively still relatively large in comparison to a human, but are small when compared to the plethora of other sizes we have available for our dumpster rental service. These are perfect for small projects around the house or office (such as cleaning out a small garage or attic). These dumpsters are approximately 12 feet in length, 8, feet in width, and 5 feet in height. 10 yard dumpsters can be parked in a regular sized drive way with general ease. 15 yard dumpsters are also available under our dumpster rental service with a slight increase in length (16 feet).

Sequentially, 20 yard dumpsters are the next in our series of dumpster sizes. These are exactly twice the size of the previous 10 yard dumpster in terms of cubic yards. 20 yard dumpsters are usually the most popular choice of the four dumpster sizes we have available for our roll off dumpster rental service in Ft. Lauderdale. These are mostly used for medium-scale construction, demolition, and residential projects. This type of dumpster is the ideal size for most of our customers. They are ideal for projects such as cleaning out a medium-scale garage, roofing projects, landscaping projects, relatively small demolition projects, and flooring or carpet removal for larger houses. These dumpsters are approximately 22 feet in length, 8 feet wide, and 4.5 feet high. and are manufactured to hold a surmised amount 20 cubic yards of waste.

The next dumpster size we have available for our dumpster rental service is the 30 yard dumpster. This dumpster is a little less popular than the two previous choices offered, but that is only due to its exorbitant size for most regular consumers. Dumpsters this size are usually utilized for larger-scale demolition, an accession of a room  to a house (or creation of a new house in entirety), deck clearing, or entire house siding replacement. These dumpster are approximately 22 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 5 feet in height.

The final and most monolithic option available out of our current selection of dumpsters is our 40 yard dumpster. These monstrosities can hold up to 40 cubic yards of waste making it the highest capacity container in our dumpster rental service for Ft. Lauderdale. These are most likely the largest size dumpsters any dumpster rental company or service will openly offer. These giants are only necessary for the largest of commercial jobs or brand new construction projects. These dumpsters are approximately 22 feet in length, 8 feet in width (much like the 30 yard dumpster), but with an augmented height of 8 feet!

It's imperative to ensure that you choose the right size for your project, so always remember to take into account the size of the dumpster that your project may necessitate so that no hindrances or unexpected problems occur in the future with your project. Always call our dumpster rental service representatives to ensure you are getting the right size for your project – they'll always guide you down the correct path to make sure you get what you pay for.




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