Types of Dumpsters

At DRF Dumpsters we do our best to provide every customer with an adequate and diverse arsenal of dumpsters to satisfy the needs of every possible project that our clients may have in mind. There are a finite (approximately 2 broad categories) number of situations in which use of a roll off dumpster will be necessitated: one being constructional purposes, and the other being for residential purposes. Each possible situation requires a different type of dumpster to ensure a swift, easy, and successful completion of your project. Whether it be cleaning out your garage or a large scale road construction project, DRF Dumpsters has got you covered with our resounding knowledge and experience on waste management. There are two different "classes" of roll off dumpsters offered by our service: residential dumpsters and construction dumpsters.
Construction Dumpster

Residential Dumpsters

Residential dumpsters are utilized for projects around the house, office, or your own community – basically for any personalized situation. When it comes to dumpster rental in general, residential dumpsters are the most practical for the majority of possible customers. Residential dumpsters can be left in the driveway of any home, or in the parking lot outside any business. These dumpsters can be used for any home-related purpose. Have a garage or an attic filled with to the brim with exorbitant junk or with valueless items that prevent you from making the most of it? Need to remedy some roofing problems plaguing your house? Utilizing our roll off dumpsters you'll easily be able to combat the most insignificant problems such as cleaning, and the more serious and detrimental issues such as architectural renovation. Our roll off residential dumpsters can also be used for environmental purposes, such as waste disposal in a high traffic area (such as a park), outside of an office, or placed beside a building to help reduce unnecessary litter in a specified area. Residential dumpsters are relatively smaller in total size in comparison to the construction dumpsters, seeing as construction and demolition related projects require a larger amount of space for thorough waste management. Customers who purchase dumpsters under our roll off dumpster rental service usually choose the 10 cubic yard dumpster, the 15 cubic yard dumpster, or the 20 cubic yard dumpster, due to their slight decrease in size in comparison to the two extremely large ones that we have available.

Construction Dumpsters

The other variety of dumpster we have available are construction dumpsters. Construction dumpsters are generally larger in comparison to residential dumpsters and are mainly utilized for commercial construction or demolition projects. Generally, when construction projects are underway, the amount of debris created as a result is monolithic and can inhibit the speed of completion of the project if it the debris are allowed to fester without management. Our dumpsters help to remedy this issue by providing larger waste management containers made for handling large pieces of debris/remnants of a building following a demolition or the debris knocked around during the creation of a new large building. If you go with a smaller dumpster for jobs like demolition and construction, you'll find yourself running to and fro, having to perpetually empty the dumpster, which is why larger, construction dumpsters are the ideal choice for any huge project. Construction dumpsters provided under our dumpster rental service are usually 20 cubic yards at a minimum, and 40 cubic yards at a maximum.


In summation, both types of roll off dumpsters that we provide for our roll off dumpster rental service in the Fort Lauderdale area are beneficial to the environment, project efficiency, and clients who are fortunate enough to purchase from us. Whether the dumpster you need is for constructional purposes or residential purposes, we have the quality and the resounding desire to meet your each and every need through our service. Our dumpster rental service simply cannot be beat by any one else, so consider ordering your roll off dumpster from us today!




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